“HANDS ON PAPER” with Ové Pictures

awesome cool stuff

I had so much fun at this animation workshop organized by Milano Film Festival!

Paper animation is a lot of work but gives great results!

Here, some pictures of my paper character and some with the crew at the MFFestival.

ilaria angelini fear2 ilaria angelini workshop

the final animation will be online soon!

meanwhile check out the awesome Ové PicturesMichaela Copikova and Veronika Obertova winners of the Animation Award of the MFF!

1, 2, 3 Ciak ACTION!

Character Study





These past two weeks we have been working on the bases of animation, starting from the very first step: the study of the character with Libero Gozzini.

I had no idea it was such a scientific subject and i fell in love with Preston Blair’s book “Cartoon Animation” wich hides the tastiest secrets of Disney’s best cartoonists.

I suggest it to whoever is interested to the topic!