From Prague with love


ilaria angelini sketchbook 10


Since i should have more important things to do, i decided to go through my old sketchbook and waste some time (actually a lot).

This is the sketch i did while sitting at Costa Coffee in Prague: me and my friend Elena noticed that everybody around us were very busy in awkward first dates. Apparently being invited for a quick cappuccino means that you’re going to spend at least one hour trying to drink it as fast as possible while having not very much interesting conversations, awkward silences and a lot, a lot of coffee and milk.

The cappuccino: it was the best foreign cappuccino i ever had out of Italy, even if the L size was very scary.





ilaria angelini sketchbook 1

Catania, actually close to Porto Palo: awesome, beautiful first sea day of the year with some great friends

ilaria angelini sketchbook 5

My personal opinion about cats prrrr

ilaria angelini sketchbook 7

Last winter in Prague, a relaxing morning with swans

ilaria angelini sketchbook blog


Delirium after exams and after sushi.. and after Grey’s Anatomy