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Wrapping paper

Serial Lama

Need some wrapping paper for Christmas?


One little girl and three fat dogs


One little girl and three fat dogs

This week is going way better than the last one, the workshop with Sergio Ruzzier is becoming a very fun time.
This assignment was born as a two minute illustration: Sergio told us different random subjects like three dogs, three bugs, two kids fighting, a girl who is reading, ten potatoes etc etc… and we had to sketch them the best we could. For the next day we had to realize an illustration composed by three of the random sketches and.. voil├á!
this is what came out!

click on the picture to go to Sergio Ruzzier’s website

Always Remember to Water your Light Bulb Garden

Magazine Illustration

well.. the week is over and so is the workshop with Beppe Giacobbe.. loong loong week!
I gotta say it.. i suck at doing magazine illustrations, and even if it’s a nice exercise to do, all the symbolic stuff behind a picture is not really my thing.
…anyway there’s a lot of time to change opinion!

these are a couple of pictures from last week ­čÖé

Always Remember to Water your Light Bulb Garden

about technology innovation

about social media influencers

The Princess’s Shoes


Here’s my project from last week: the aim was to create an app for tablets and smartphones. Mine of course turned out as one of the most useless ones, but at least i had fun drawing the Princess and pretending to use Photoshop! This is the extrimely complex plot of my game: Little princess has so many activities to do (horse riding, parties, ┬ádances… even walking in the rain) and the most important thing is to choose the right pair of shoes which correctly matches her outfit for the day. You can unlock the next level only if you pick the right ones, otherwise the horse will stare at her with a very disappointed face.